1144 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Since ancient times, people have believed that angels try to contact them in different ways. A very common way to communicate with angels is by number.

In fact, there is a belief that our angels are sending us different numbers to tell us something that could be important for our future and also for our life in general.

When a number is following you all the time, it means angels are trying to get your attention.

In today’s text, we will discuss the number of 1144 angels and its symbolism. This number has great power and can bring you a very important message from the spiritual realms.

It is believed that this number will only reach you if your angels have something very important to tell you.
If you continue to read this text, you will know everything about the symbolism of this angelic number. We will tell you what their secret meanings are and many other interesting facts.

1144 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism
1144 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Seeing 1144 once doesn’t have to mean anything special, but seeing it sometimes is a clear sign that your angels are trying to talk to you.

The number 1144 itself is an auspicious number through which your guardian angels are trying to send you secret but important messages that you should know.

Seeing angel number 1144 once may not mean much, but if you constantly come across this number, like when you check your watch at 11:44 am or see a sign with angel number 1144, you should know that it is not. a coincidence. The universe is sending a signal to try to send you useful information.

The meaning of 1144 varies from person to person. To find out what this means to you and unravel the mystery as to why you keep seeing 1144, read on!

Angel Number 1144 – What Does It Mean?

There are many different meanings that we can associate with the number 1144. This number includes the numbers 1 and 4 and both appear twice, so we are also going to tell you what the combinations 11 and 44 can mean.

Number 1 is a symbol of your own uniqueness and willpower. It indicates that you have completed a certain phase of your life and that you are ready for a fresh start. You also need to be an ambitious and confident person.

As we said before, angel number 1 appears twice in angel number 1144, which means that its power is very strong.

It is also interesting to say that the sum of the numbers 1, 1, 4 and 4 gives 10 and 1 + 0 gives 1, so we can see again that number 1 is very important for the meaning of angel number 1144.

There is also angel number 4, which is a symbol of hard work and effort. This number means that you are a determined person and that you are focused on your own goals.

It is also important to mention the meaning of the angel number 11. This number is the so-called master number and is related with karma. This number will connect you with higher aspects of your own personality and is generally seen as a symbol of your spiritual awakening and mysticism.

We will also mention the number 44 because it is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge that can help you achieve your goals. In fact, this number can help you see something that you haven’t been able to see before and discover the hidden meaning of a lot of things around you.

To understand the meaning of angel number 1144, you also need to know the meaning of angel numbers 114 and 144. Angel number 114 usually symbolizes courage, patience, and hard work.

Angel number 144 is telling you to focus on your own goals and not to give up easily. Now when you know the meaning of all these numbers which are hidden in angel number 1144, we hope that you can understand the meaning of this unique and magical number.

Regarding the meaning of angel number 1144, we can say that he is strongly connected with his intuition and positive energy. Your angels will tell you what you need to do to be successful and let you know the next steps to take.

It is important to have faith in your angels because they will help you achieve your goals.

Below you will see some of the secret meanings of angel number 1144 and its symbolism.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1144

The secret meaning of angel number 1144 is always associated with the changes that will occur in someone’s life. You need to know that the time is right for change, and you should not be afraid of it.

Your angels will help you if you are not feeling well and show you the right way to go in your life.

The secret message your angels send you at 11:44 am is also associated with self-confidence. It means you have to trust yourself more. If you love yourself, everything in your life will be much easier for you.

In addition, other people will love and respect you more. Angel number 1144 should be your prompt to move on and not give up on your dreams.

Often angel number 1144 resonates with our emotions. There may be times when you are overwhelmed by your own emotions and do not have the courage to express them clearly. Your angels will help you with this, so you should follow his message and advice.

To know more about your own emotions and your love life in general, you will see it then in this text. In fact, we will explain to you the connection between angel number 1144 and love.

Angels use the number of angels to communicate with us. It is the easiest way to get our attention. The angel number 1144 is one of the numbers used by angels. This angelic number comes as a reminder that we must always think positively. You can’t start something new in your life with all the negativity of the past. Focus on being positive while looking ahead. The number 1144 carries with it the vibrations and energies of the divine realm, its guardian angels and ascended masters.

The meaning of angel number 1144 reveals that your guardian angels are sending out positive energies that will change your life for the better. Accept and heed the messages from your guardian angels, and great things will happen in your path. Your guardian angels can influence every decision and choice you make in life. You will have many opportunities that will allow you to make changes in your life. This number also wants you to know that you are capable of creating your own reality. Your thoughts have the capacity to manifest in what will later become the life you know.

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Now is the time to get rid of all the negativeness in your life, such as worries, fears, and anxieties. Focus on improving your life and the lives of those around you. Leave the past in its place and move forward without any baggage with you. Focus only on the thoughts that inspire, encourage, and motivate you. If you imagine yourself as successful, the divine realm will make your dreams come true. However, you don’t have to sit and wait, but you have to work to achieve your goals. Your future is bright; all you have to do is maintain a positive outlook in life.

Numerology facts about number 1144

The first thing we can say is that 1144 was a leap year that started on Saturday. This year MCXLIV is written in the Roman numerology system. We will just mention a few things that happened this year.

First of all, it must be said that the city called Montauban was founded in France in 1144.

With regard to France, it must also be said that the Saint-Denis basilica was consecrated in 1144 as the first Gothic church. In the same year, the city of Ljubljana was mentioned for the first time.

Today, this city is the capital of Slovenia.

In mathematics, the number 1144 is an even composite number. Its prime numbers are 2, 11 and 13 and are multiplied together by 2x2x2x11x13.

Now is the time to review what it means to see angel number 1144 and what to do if you cannot escape this number.

Sometimes the years can be influenced by the divine strength of the number of angels. When this happens, certain events that took place in that year were guided or marked by the influence of that specific number.

Angel number 1144 carries a message from your guardian angels that you have to be practical and creative to achieve greatness in life. Your guardian angels are close to you to enable you to manifest all the desires of your heart. Always follow your heart and you won’t go wrong. Don’t listen to people on how you should be living your life, but live your life the best you know how.

1144 The angel number derives its meaning from the combined energies of the numbers 1 and 4, which appear twice. Number 1 resonates with the energies and vibrations of optimism, positivity, new beginnings, intuition and leadership.

Number 4, on the other hand, resonates with the energies of hard work, determination, efficiency, persistence, creativity, and practicality. The influence of this number in your life allows you to use your talents and gifts to your advantage and the benefit of others.

The spiritual meaning of the number 1144

If you are seeing angel number 1144, it means that you should start thinking positive thoughts. This will play a very important role when you start a new adventure in your life.

This number carries with it the vibrations and energies of body, mind and soul, as well as their divine spirits and angels in the spiritual realm.

The number 44 means that this inner wisdom is doubled and the spiritual significance of 1144 is quadrupled due to these high energy numbers.

Your angel can tell you that divine power is with you and that you should start living a more spiritual life with only positive and good thoughts. Your thoughts have the power to come true, so you need to stop thinking badly about others and just wish the best in this world.

Angel number 1144 is a sign that whatever you desire can only be achieved with a positive mind and nothing less.

This number is used to become more enlightened spiritually, giving off more and more positive energy. This is especially useful for finding the purpose of your life, as angel number 1144 symbolism says a lot about the importance of positive energies and their impact on our lives.

Love and angelic number 1144

We have already said that angel number 1144 is related with new beginnings and can also be associated with love. If you don’t have an emotional partner, you shouldn’t be depressed because something will change very soon.

A new romance awaits you, so you must have faith and believe in your angels.

On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, angel number 1144 means that you will be married soon. This number indicates that you will reach the next level in your relationship. But, if you weren’t happy in a relationship, you will likely end up with your partner.

Either way, we can say that a lot of things in your love life are going to change soon, but those changes will be good for you.

As for the symbolism of love of angel number 1144, it must be said that it is also related with honesty. This means that this number can help you express your emotions and tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Sometimes the meaning of angel number 1144 can be associated with your ex which means that you have to tell that person that you still love them. Your angels will encourage you to do this and you will feel a lot better.

Remember, loving yourself first. Only if you love yourself will you be able to love others as well. Your angels will teach you to love yourself more and to be proud of yourself.

There are also other interesting facts about angel number 1144 and you will see them now.

Keep Seeing Angel Number 1144

Seeing angel number 1144 just once may be a coincidence, but if you keep seeing this number, it is probably the number your guardian angels are sending you. This number reminds you of the responsibility you should have in your life.

You are able to create your own reality and it will depend on your own thoughts and beliefs.

If you think positively and are an optimistic person, your life will be much better.

Thanks to angel number 1144, your angels will teach you how to eliminate all negative thoughts from your life.

Seeing angel number 1144 is also a sign that you need to devote yourself to your spiritual life and achieve your life goal. Serving others can be a great way to feel useful and proud of yourself. Angel number 1144 is telling you that it is time to get creative and congratulate yourself on everything you have done so far.

Thanks to the number 1144, your angels will give you the motivation and the strength to continue to work hard and to believe in yourself. Seeing angel number 1144 multiple times in your life may mean that it is time to start over, but it may be necessary to complete something first.

It is very important to know that your guardian angels are with you all the time, but sometimes they want to leave things for you. In this way, they want to help you build your own character and make you strong to face many issues in your life.

However, if your angels realize that you are not capable of doing something on your own, they will come to help you and show you the right direction to take.

Seeing angel number 1144 means that it is the right time to receive the message from your guardian angels. They know exactly when they should come into your life and how they can approach you.

You just need to open your heart and mind to accept the help and guidance that your angels are offering you.

We hope this text has helped you better understand what angel angel number 1144 means and why you should not ignore it the next time it appears before you.

What to do when you see the number 1144?

Angelic number 1144 will be sent to you at a very critical time in your life. This angelic number combines the energies of the numbers 1 and 4, which have very strong auras around them. Since we have these two duplicate numbers in angel number 1144, we need to make the most of this gift that we have received.

Our guardian angels fully support us in all of our decisions. We would be crazy to pass up this chance. When angel number 1144 comes into your life it means that it is time to take responsibility and work harder than ever before. Angel number 1144 says that all you need to be successful is within you.

When we depend only on ourselves to achieve a goal, no one else can receive credit for what we have done for ourselves. This feeling cannot be compared to anything else and we should always value everything that we have accomplished.

Angelic number 1144 will bring you more courage, which will help you gain the attention of the person who is close to your heart. Sometimes we are very shy or afraid of the outcome, so we prefer to keep our feelings silent.

Angel numbers can be hard to notice, but as soon as you don’t miss an important message behind them. Our guardian angels will always be close to us to guide us and lead us in the right direction. Stay faithful and believe in miracles, and they will happen to you.


The angelic number 1144 offers you a rare opportunity to change the current trajectory of your life. It allows you to remove the old slate and create your life exactly the way you want it to be. You have to seize this opportunity with both hands.

Whether you have a happy new year or not, one thing is for sure – you can never say what to expect for the years to come, and dark as your hope may seem, your angels are working with the universe to help you have a better life. You must know how to trust them very well and seek their blessings to guide you into the light.

If you see angel number 1144 everywhere, it is a sign that you are not alone and that higher beings are up to something good for you.

Gather all the facts by understanding how many angels your guardian angels are showing you, and make an informed decision on how to move forward. You must first let go of your inhibitions and with persistence you will see your dreams come true.

With the help of your angels, life as you know it will come to an end and new beginnings will change your life for the better.

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