123 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

When you see the number 123 in an angel, it is more than just an ordinary number.

These numbers come from your angels, who are telling you about a significant event coming shortly to your life.

You might be surprised at how much angel number 123 appears in your face? The number appears in all the places you glance? This is not a cause for alarm. Angels who are watching over you are trying to communicate with you regarding your life.

The number 123 is a compilation of the qualities and attributes of the number 1, the vibrations of the number 2 and the energies of the number 3. The number 1 promotes new beginnings and departures, motivation and action, effort and progress in before, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition. Number 1 is also about creating our own realities through our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Number 2 resonates with service to others, diplomacy and commitment, balance, flexibility and adaptability, duality, encouragement and kindness. Angel number 2 also relates to faith and trust and service to your life’s purpose and soul mission.

The number 3 adds self-expression and communication, optimism and enthusiasm, skills and talents, friendliness and sociability, manifestation, growth, expansion and the principles of growth. The number 3 also carries the vibrations of the Ascended Masters. This indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, helping you when asked and helping you focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others. They help you find peace, clarity, and inner love.

Number 1 encourages you to move on and start something new, different and capable of changing your life. The number 2 puts you on your way with balance, faith and competence, and the number 3 sees the expansion of concepts and themes in life, and expresses and communicates from your authentic self.
The angelic number 123 can be seen as a series of progressions and / or stages along a journey or a life path.

The angelic number 123 is often seen as “steps”, with subsequent numeric sequences (eg, 456 … 789) appearing once the sequence 123 is recognized and recognized, and the “steps” and actions taken by the individual. If you have any doubts or fears about what actions to take, seek advice and help from the angels and listen to your inner intuition and wisdom.

Know that you have everything you need to achieve your goals and aspirations … you just have to make the choices to get it done and take the appropriate action.

According to those who are particularly interested in the idea of guardian angels, each person on earth has their own heavenly protectors and supporters. You can have two or more Guardian Angels who care about you.

Angel Number 123 – What Does It Mean?

Number 123 sends us a message from our guardian angels. The message is that we need to stop spending time with people and the bad things in our lives. Our goal should be to simplify our lives and get rid of anything that makes us unhappy.

If you simplify your life, you will be able to flourish in ways that you cannot even imagine. The people in our lives who envy our success may try to sabotage us and make us feel miserable. If you think that there are such people in your life, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

123 Angel Number - Meaning and Symbolism
123 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

People like that won’t teach you anything that you will end up being hurt and disappointed by people you trust. The people who drain your positive energy and make you feel like the whole world revolves around them are not necessary for your life.

The things we focus on can also have a big effect on our lives. If we keep chasing the same dreams and goals, but they just seem more distant, maybe they aren’t the right ones for us. Sometimes we have to let life go its natural way and take us somewhere we never dreamed of going.

Another thing you need to do is be confident in your own abilities and skills. We can’t go anywhere if we don’t start taking ourselves seriously. After getting rid of all the clutter in your life, your next goal should be to work on yourself and your dreams.

Being afraid of what lies ahead is normal, and you shouldn’t give up. Making cuts in your life is never easy and it takes time to adjust to changes. So take the opportunity to adjust to the new life situation and life without certain people and then attack your goals with whatever you have.

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You will find that all you have to do is make your life simple and free from all negativity in order to attract positive energy and good luck into your life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angels can send any number, like your angelic number. In this article, we have talked about the three-digit magic number 123.

You see, this number represents a continuous line of the first natural numbers and, therefore, it can be interpreted as a symbol of eternity, universal flow of energy, infinity, longevity, beginnings and opportunities.

It also represents uncertainty, challenges, and fate, things you don’t know in advance.

Number 123 symbolizes the help of divine beings. They are ready to work with you and help make your life as perfect as possible. The changes you make in your life will be difficult, but your guardian angels will be there to help you through the process.

You shouldn’t be afraid of your destiny, because there are of course bad things that can be lurking along the way, but incredible opportunities too!

The number 123 offers excellent support and advice.

By sending this mysterious number, the angels want above all to make sure that you believe in yourself. It is really hard to have confidence when you are faced with difficulties and problems in life. However, this number means that there are always possibilities for a good result.

It’s a bit complicated, because it suggests that you’ll never know what’s going to happen unless you go see yourself.

The number 123 also brings positive energy. It symbolizes continuity and infinity.

You will receive enough support, love, and clarity to face the struggles that lie ahead. This support is all you need to make your dreams come true. Believing in yourself and in divine power is something that will take you to great heights, so don’t give up on that.

The number one symbolizes new beginnings and authority, as well as self-reliance. The number two symbolizes faith in divine powers and belief in yourself. The number three symbolizes communication and enthusiasm.

When you combine all of these numbers together you get an empowering message that will help you conquer all that is bad in your life. If you stay on this path in life, everything will fall into place and nothing will stop you.

Angel number 123 is a symbol of cleaning up the mess when it comes to love. This means that singles and people in a relationship will make some big changes in your love life.

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For those who are dating, the angel number 123 brings good news and bad news. If you are happy in your relationship and things are going perfectly, you will need to take the next big step in your life. Starting a family with your partner and tying the knot is the next natural step in your relationship.

However, if things aren’t going so well, then maybe it’s time to take a break from this relationship.

Sometimes we get stuck in a habit and forget about our feelings. Cleaning up the mess in your relationship can mean taking the time to assess your feelings for that person. If this is someone who doesn’t feel right, it might be time to relax and focus on yourself.

Recurring fights, broken hearts, and hurt emotions are not the way to go, and you have to think about your own personal happiness. If the person you’re with is draining your energy and making you feel bad, you shouldn’t punish yourself for being around them.

Our guardian angels want to see us happy and satisfied, so they are sending us this important message that we must follow.

Angels want to tell you that no matter what, life will go on, so you must embrace it with an open heart. There will be times of struggle, but there will also be phases of peace, of success, of happiness.

It’s a normal course of life! Have confidence in yourself and trust the people who care about you.

Don’t focus too much on the problems, they won’t go away if you keep pushing and exhausting yourself just thinking about it. Sometimes things take a while to resolve.

The number 123 suggests that people should be patient, which we probably won’t have.

Try to be more relaxed and watch out for things other than problems. Life is good if you can’t see it.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 123

The angels heard their prayers, cried out for help, worrying thoughts and now they have answered. Angels always respond to you, every time, without exception.

When you feel that there is no more hope and solutions, at that very moment you see a symbol, number or sign that will help you find the answer to your problems.

Just open your heart and soul and let these messages come into your life.

Now you see angel number 123 everywhere and you are probably wondering what message the angels are sending you. Here are the possible meanings of why you keep seeing angel number 123.

Keep it simple

Seeing angel number 123 reminds you to remove all the unnecessary things and people from your life. Remove anything that prevents you from moving in the direction you want.

When there is less noise around you, life is easy and your desires and intentions are much clearer than before.

Surround yourself with beautiful souls, positive people who will uplift you and push you to be a better version of yourself. Donate clothes, furniture, things you no longer use.

You will make others happier and at the same time you will give yourself space and a simple way of life.

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Be grateful for all the blessings you have received and embrace a life without noise and negativity.

New beginnings

Anytime you notice Guardian Angel 123, know that now is a great time to start from scratch. Now is the right time for new beginnings and new adventures.

Ask yourself “what would I like to do if I had the chance to start over in life?”

Is it to create your own business or an NGO? Would you like to travel the world and volunteer for a cause you believe in?

Would you like to go back to college and finish your studies or maybe change careers completely?

Whatever you want, the angels are telling you that you must start working on your plan and act immediately, because now is the best time to do it.

Focus and work on your plan every day and soon you will see it accomplished.

Stability and balance

Another possible reason that you keep seeing angel number 123 may be the need for stability and balance in your life.

When you master the balance of all aspects of your life, you achieve a greater harmony that many people only dream of.

We tend to be successful in only one area of ​​our life, maybe two, but never think of living in a more holistic way, in perfect harmony and balance.

Change your mindset about it and believe you can have it all. You can have a successful career, a loving family, good friends, a social life, and a spiritual practice, all at the same time!

Focus on each area and devote your time and energy to each one and you will find that you will be more fulfilled than before.

Love and angelic number 123

The angelic number 123 brings changes and uncertainties about new beginnings.

It also symbolizes turbulence and change in love life. People with this number would likely be challenged to make changes in their love life.

For example, people who are married or in a long-term relationship should start doing something different and renewing the relationship. Couples can start talking about children, for example.

For singles, an angelic message with the number 123 suggests that they should make a change in attitude towards a potential partner.

If your relationships always end soon after you’re together, it could be that you did something wrong. You may not show a lot of love and affection for your partner, so they feel neglected and even abandoned.

If you are feeling good about being single, the angel number 123 is auspicious which helps you come to terms with this situation as something you really like, no doubt.

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Since the number 123 represents a step forward, in love life, it offers the possibility of starting an incredible relationship with new people.

It can be reflected positively on all aspects of love, as a concept, including romantic love, family love, friendly love, and everything in between. Overall, that’s a good number for new acquaintances.

Numerology Facts About Number 123

In numerology, the vibration essence of angel number 123 comes from the influences and energies of the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The number 1 signifies leadership skills, ambition, originality and motivation. The moment this number appears in your life, it is a sign of a new start in your professional career. Take these influences and you will prosper beyond measure.

The number 2 represents cooperation, partnership and teamwork. The more you cooperate with people, the more likely you are to be successful in this life. Don’t overlook the people who are ready to help you on your journey to success. Make your plans and ideas, and be open to suggestions and criticism from people.

Finally, number 3 is about creativity, enthusiasm and intuition. The influence of this number forces him to develop great communication skills that will allow him to communicate better with people. People with angel number 123 are creative, innovative, hardworking, take risks and enjoy positive change.

The number 123 is not particularly interesting, apart from its incredible spiritual powers.

However, there are some significant events that took place in the years 123 BC and 123 AD, there are several popular titles (e.g. songs, movies) with this number in the frame, and there are documents and works marked with 123.

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Number 123 is the emergency number in Colombia, the medical emergency number in Egypt and the emergency number for electricity in Indonesia.

Interesting Facts About Number 123

The number 123 has some interesting facts attached to it. This number is Colombia’s emergency telephone number. In the Book of Numbers, Aaron dies at the age of 123.

The number 123 is also Lucas’s number and the eleventh member of the Mian-Chowla sequence.

Keep Seeing the angelic number 123

Angel number 123 brings you incredible energy. Your guardian angels want to help you regain your courage and motivation, if you have lost it due to some issues that you have recently encountered.

They mean that bad things are (always) going to happen and that you are sure to grow and develop. Your experience is what makes you the wonderful person that you are.

We forgot to mention that people with this number are generally positive and kind.

They usually have few good and loyal friends, and their families are full of love, despite all the difficulties they may face. This angelic message also reminds you of the importance of the links you have with these people.

If you’ve lost confidence and hope, count on people who care about you.

The number 123 offers great opportunities. If you keep seeing this, it could mean that now is the time to take a chance and embark on a new adventure in your life.

Sometimes it’s so hard to let go of old ways and start something completely different.

The angels will assist you in the moments of transition and adaptation. They want you to value your qualities and use your skills and talents to the best of your ability.

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What to do when you see the number 123?

If the number 123 continues to appear everywhere you go, then the message of your divine guardians must be taken seriously. Prosperity and abundance is something you will receive as a gift from your Guardians, if you choose to listen to their advice.

Believing in yourself and keeping an open mind to new things is something they expect from you. To make things happen, you need to take action and focus on the goal you have chosen. After putting all your energy into this goal, the whole universe will come together and help you make this dream come true.

Your guardian angels say it’s time to cleanse your life of all that is negative and move on to something more positive and fulfilling. You should stop wasting time focusing on things that are not important and instead focus on something more meaningful.

Starting new projects and going on an adventure is never easy, but you have to do it. Taking on challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone will help build your character and personality. No one is born perfect and you will likely fail sometimes, but that’s no reason to give up.

Our failures teach us a valuable lesson about ourselves and we must take this lesson seriously if we are to be successful in life.

Angel number 123 sends you a message that you need to surround yourself with positive and inspiring things in order to be successful in life. When you continue on the same path as before, things won’t change and you will keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

You have to uplift your life and fill it with things that are important to you and that make you happy. Whatever these things are, you only have one chance in life to live the way you want, so don’t listen to these people who want to see you fail.

If you cleanse your life of people who fill you with bad energy and focus only on the positive side of life, nothing will stop your success. You will finally be happy with yourself and the things you have accomplished and no one will be around to spoil that feeling.

Listening to messages from our guardian angels helps us see things more clearly and embrace life in a more positive way, so never ignore the signs that appear around you.


How is your life now? What issues, concerns or uncertainties do you have in mind?

Whatever you have to do at this time, it has been made for you to see angel number 123.

Meditate on these messages and reflect on your life and see which of the meanings of the angel number 123 is for you.

We all go through tough times, but the most important thing is getting help and being strong enough to make changes that are good for you.

Life is easier when we know that we are not alone and that we are supported. Embrace the divine and let the magical things happen.

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