14 Angel Number – Meaning, Spirituality and Symbolism

Angel number 14 is a sign from your guardian angels that they are working hard to help you with a specific problem.

The angel number 14 combines the vibrations of the numbers 1, 4 and 5 to create a harmonious backdrop for what could be a big change.

Our angels speak to us in various creative ways. Angel numbers are among the most creative ways your angels can send you advice.

Number 14 is a mixture of the energies of number 1 and number 4. Number 1 denotes initiative, new projects, achievement, success and achievement. The number 4 resonates with constant work towards goals and aspirations, truth and integrity, practicality, system and order.

The number 14 is a number of balance, harmony, temperance and prudence. It also refers to self-initiation, unity, justice and independence and signifies enthusiasm and determination.

Angel number 14 is a message from the angels asking you to keep your focus, positive affirmations and intentions to manifest your goals and aspirations. Angel number 14 can be a sign from your angels that they are there to help you manifest your true desires.

Angel number 14 is a message that if you act prudently and wisely you will be successful in business, in financial matters, and in life in general. Launch valuable projects that will bring long term benefits and future success.

Number 14 encourages gradual change, renewal and growth, and tells you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. He also says that what you are looking for will pay off in the future.

If you show up often, and more than once a day, it’s a sure sign that your angels are trying to send you important information.

Later, we will explain in more words the symbolic meaning of the number 14 and the message it brings to you if you see it often.

Angel Number 14 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 14 is a person who loves change and challenges. If they don’t travel long, they feel dead. Travel and transitions, even commuting, are essential things in the life of a fourteen-year-old.

Angel number 14 is very adaptable to others which is a very positive trait. They leave the impression of very confident people, but beneath the surface they always hide a fragile personality. They are skilled and talented at a lot of things, and there is little they can’t do. In order for the fourteen to be successful and satisfied, they must have several career changes in the position.

14 Angel Number - Meaning, Spirituality and Symbolism
14 Angel Number – Meaning, Spirituality and Symbolism

Various addictions can be very tempting for the angel number 14, but they should try to avoid drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. at all costs. If somehow they get addicted. This can lead to heavy addiction.

They also have good communication skills and are very convincing. People influenced by angel number 14 must learn to adapt and accept the changes that occur in their life, maintaining balance and focusing on their goals.

For this reason, they must be very flexible and adaptable. These people sometimes have dangerous experiences and put themselves in chaotic situations. Sometimes they can be a bad influence on others and need to control this tendency.

They are open to change and can easily get bored if there is nothing new in their life. Entrepreneurs and frequent travelers are often influenced by the number 14. They are very confident and sometimes stubborn.

They can even be considered eccentric by many because they have unique ways of doing things and often choose paths that most people wouldn’t.

But they somehow manage to succeed in their intentions. They must strive for balance and harmony, as they run the risk of exhausting themselves with the intensity of their temperament.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 14 represents a symbol of changing balance with a tendency to improve. What is hidden and emphasized in the case of angel number 14? It is a karmic debt that represents all the unresolved issues of the past life that require a balance in the present life.

Any negative situation that recurs can be explained by karma. Karmic Debt in Numerology reveals all of life’s challenges combined with negative patterns. There are four karmic debt numbers, which are: 13, 14, 16 and 19.

If the karmic debt is very deep, as it can be at the age of fourteen, it can be overcome through hard work and self-discipline. Since the angel number 14 represents the immense pressure that a person will always have, it is necessary to develop the skill of patience, responsibility and control. The number 14, in a negative way, is a number which symbolizes irresponsibility, a lot of relaxation and abandonment.

The message for angel number 14 is that they must recognize their karma, accept karmic debts, and overcome all destructive influences. Then they can thrive and have a successful life.

The fourteen want their life to be balanced and orderly, harmonious. They are incredibly determined, and in order to make their dreams come true, they tend to rejoice by repeating positive affirmations.

In angelic numerology, this number manifests the message from angles that you must be open to your desires and express them openly. But, the numerologist advises the fourteen-year-old to be very careful with what you want – sometimes it’s better to have smaller goals and take it step by step.

This behavior can lead angel number 14 to long term success and happiness.

Even though people with angel number 14 are looking for freedom and have an adventurous spirit; they can be amazing and loving partners. They can inspire your significant other.

They are full of optimism which people find inspiring, and this quality is desirable in a loving partner. They like change; they love to meet new people and make new friends. They seek change in life and love diversity above all else.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 14

Number 14 is a harmonious blend of vibrational energies designed to put your heart and mind at ease.

The number 14 is a highly spiritual number because it symbolizes a harmonious mixture of the vibrational energies of the number 1 and the number 4. This seamless integration of energy will give you a peace like you have never experienced before in your life.

All the problems that have troubled you in recent years will come to an end.

People with this number no longer need to indirectly experience the positive experiences of a friend; they will now have great experiences on their own. These wonderful new experiences will be brought to you through your alignment with the Source of Energy.

As long as you maintain an optimistic attitude, you will attract positive waves and results. You also don’t need to live in fear, as your angels are working tirelessly to make your dreams come true.

All the difficulties you have encountered are about to end and more positive experiences are coming, being brought to you through your alignment with the Source of Energy.

It is important to remember what each digit associated with number 14 tells you.

The number 1 is the manifestation number, and you should use this number to remind yourself that you need to stay focused in a positive way if you want to attract positive results into your life.

Angel number 4 has a message from your angels that no matter how difficult your problems may seem, your guardian angels are working on it.

Positive changes are on the horizon. When you see angel number 14 in your daily experience, focus on your desires and let go of your fears. You have the power to manifest positive results in your life by following the guidance of your angels.

Accept the risks

How would you like to live a life filled with many adventure experiences?

Would you like to earn more than what you are currently earning? Would you like to love and be loved with passion?

If so, that’s great! Because you want to have it all and live your life to the fullest! But if you don’t like living outside of your comfort zone, that would be a problem.

Seeing angel number 14 means that the angels encourage you to take risks if you want to have an extraordinary life. By taking risks, changes happen.

Most people, when they hear about risk, fear the consequences or the price they will have to pay. But the truth is, the greatest and most amazing things have happened because of the courage to take the risk and make changes in life.

Get out of your comfort zone and live! You will be amazed at the beauty and confidence that lies in the risk. Think carefully before making new choices, life is too short to be afraid to live it!


Another possible meaning of why you keep seeing Guardian Angel 14 has to do with your true talents.

This is a message of encouragement and support to use your talents in the service of others. Improve the lives of others using your talents.

What are you good at What do you like to do most of the time? Changing and improving lives doesn’t mean that globally you can have a huge impact on your community or circle of friends.

Angels want to see you happy and fulfilled and how much better than doing what you love and serving others? Don’t get carried away by money and fame.

Serving others and sharing your talents is much more rewarding. And the money, the wealth will come. Trust the angels and have faith in them. Enjoy this beautiful trip!


Most likely, you know the law of attraction, you attract what you feel, what you are, what you think.

It is the most powerful universal law! If every person is aware of this, there will be no more people with depression or anxiety, for the power of their thoughts is unimaginable.

Angel number 14 is a message of manifestation of your thoughts and desires. The angels want you to know that your desires will be manifested soon. Your job is to keep your energy high, your thoughts high, and to be more optimistic than ever.

Be ready for change, your life will change completely. Being aware of your thoughts has brought you to this point. Remember, you attract what you are. Be a wonderful, happy and optimistic person. Thank the universe and more you will receive. Have an amazing life!

Love and angelic number 14

People who vibrate with angel number 14 have a great capacity for love, but they often have a hard time finding that special someone.

The person who is going to get them to engage and settle down has to really be someone special.

As they tend to get bored easily, it can sometimes be difficult to compromise, so they go from relationship to relationship in search of the perfect relationship.

They are known for their appetite for adventure and novelty, so the person chosen should be someone ready for constant change and movement.

These people are also very popular and have a large circle of friends around them, so your potential partner has to adapt to that as well.

They are always looking for diversity and inspiration. When they finally find that special someone, people with angel number 14 become dedicated and loving partners.

If you have seen the angel number 14 a lot lately, maybe the angels are sending you a message that your search will end soon and you will find the love you are looking for.

If you are already in a committed relationship, this might be the message that you will soon take your commitment to the next level.

Numerology and Interesting Facts About Number 14

The number 14 is composed of the number 1 and the number 4. It contains the integrated energies of the two numbers in itself.

Therefore, when we look at angel number 14 as a whole, we have to separate the numbers of the angels that compose it, angel number 1 and number 4. Then we have to study them individually to get a precise evaluation or meaning of angel number 14 .

Number 1 signifies new starts and projects, initiative, achievement, progress and success. Meanwhile, angel number 4 is more focused on aspirations, goals, practicality, balance, order, truth, and integrity.

The number 14, as a whole, includes all the qualities of the angels numbers 1 and 4.

Thanks to angel number 14, your angels want you to stay positively focused on your goals. You will get all the help you need as long as you have faith in your angels.

At the same time, angel number 14 also contains messages advising you to be careful with money. Approach your business plans with a touch of wisdom and prudence.

  • In many ancient religions, the number 14 represents sacrifice and generosity. If you add the number one (represents change and a new beginning) and the four (expressed power, which can also be destructive), you get the symbol of movement and change.
  • The 14-year-old is, in many cultures, the first introduction to the world of adults. It is leaving childhood and accepting adult responsibilities. In a Roma community, a 14-year-old girl is already married and has children. In the western culture of this era, usually comes the completion of elementary school and the first choice and the first decision; Where else? At fourteen, children grow into young adults, which is considered a start to understanding something more in life.
  • Many religions of the world, old and new, have some initiation of children, which represents the time when they are able to receive divine secrets because they are mature enough. This time is usually – at 14 years.
  • Having said that, many prominent numerologists claim that angel number 14 exemplifies changes in balance. Specifically – a change that can lead to better understanding.

Keep Seeing the angelic number 14

When you begin to see angel number 14, know that the angels are encouraging you to pursue your goals and desires. This number in your life is an announcement of complete change and transformation in your life.
Maybe you should start thinking about the things you want and the best ways to achieve them.

When angels start sending messages through the number 14, their main mission is to focus on your intentions and the manifestations of your goals and desires.

You can do this through the power of positive affirmations and by valuing what you already have in your life. Know that your angels are nearby, helping you manifest your desires.

Angel number 14 brings you the message of the power of positive affirmations. It is very important to stay focused on the desired result, but being careful not to hurt anyone in the process.

It is important to pay attention to your thoughts and make sure that you only have positive thoughts in your mind, as negativity can seriously affect your reality.

You don’t want to manifest bad things in your life, just the things you want to happen. Your angels may also be trying to make you aware of the importance of being grounded and helping you in this process.

Perhaps you are currently going through a difficult period in your private or professional life, and the angels are with you to make it through as easily as possible.

They encourage you to stay upbeat and strong throughout the process. Angels make sure that everything runs smoothly when you focus on your goals and strive to achieve them, no matter how big and difficult those goals seem.

What to do when you see the number 14?

This number is considered to be very happy to seek help and answers in certain questions of life.

Fourteen people work as a “postman” for the angles where you can ask for help. You just have to be incredibly specific in what you want. This number has inner potential and energy and can make a big turnaround in life.

Divided into two parts, 14 gives 7, which is one of the happiest numbers in angelic numerology. At number 14 he’s twice the size, which means he has twice the power and possibilities. Problem – on the way to the answers you will encounter twice as many difficulties and challenges.

Angel number 14 is a mixture of two numbers – 1 and 4. It is a sublimation of people who take initiative, love change and strive for success and achievement. They are constantly looking for explanations and are often lucky enough to find them.

In conclusion, seeing this number, you will be touched by an energy that will make you stop for a second and think – what do I want? What are these questions that I need answered quickly?

The angelic numerologist has a tip: be very careful about what you want, because the number 14 will give you what you need and not what you think you need.


The number 14 represents the power to manifest your desires, to be of service to others, the changes in your life and the consequences of taking risks.

What a powerful combination! Now you know better what you are up against and which of the above posts were for you.

Now that you have understood the meaning of the number of the 14 angels, it is up to you to follow the advice of the angel or not.

Accept these messages and let the angels guide you. Let the magic come into your life.

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