33 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 33 is an auspicious sign from your angels that you are aligned with your divine creative source and are able to manifest whatever you want in form.

When your angels send you a message containing a number with high vibration like angel number 33, it is a reminder of your connection to Divine Source and the Ascended Masters.

When the numbers are repeated in a series, they gain a lot of power to influence people and events.

The number 33 is formed by the vibrations of the number 3 which appear twice, amplifying and expanding its influences. Number 3 is about the attributes of expansion and the principles of augmentation, spontaneity, broad thinking, encouragement, assistance, talent and skill, self-expression and communication, manifestation and of manifestation. The number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters and indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, helping when asked.

33 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism
33 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

They help you find peace, clarity, and inner love. The Ascended Masters help you focus on the Divine spark within you and others, and aid in the manifestation of your desires. The angel number 33 is a master number (master teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage.

The number 33 tells us that “anything is possible”. 33 is also the number which symbolizes “orientation”. The Master Number 33 is connected with the Ascended Masters, and the Angel Number 33, which is repeated, is a message that many Ascended Masters surround them and offer their help. All you have to do is ask, for the Ascended Masters are waiting to answer your prayers.

Angel number 33 is a message from your angels that any positive change or project you are considering now will be worth it, and you will receive help in this endeavor.

Angel Number 33 – What Does It Mean?

As you can see angel number 33 is made up of number 3 which appears twice. The vibrations of number 3 are very strong, but when this number appears twice, its strength is even greater. Number 3 is believed to be related to talent, skill, expansion and self-expression.

Moreover, this number can symbolize the great progress and abundance that awaits them in the near future. It may mean that your health will be much better in the future, but it will also provide a lot of opportunities in your career. You will also be happy and satisfied in your personal life. In addition, it is important to say that the number 3 is important in the spiritual sense, because it is a symbol of the sacred trinity. That is why this number is used to get your attention.

Regarding the number 33, the symbolism of the number 3 is even greater. We can also say that this number is a symbol of bravery, honesty, compassion and discipline. This number also tells you that a lot of things in your life are possible. We just need to pay more attention to the opportunities that arise around us every day.

When you see angel number 33 it is a clear sign that angels are with you which means that they will bring love and peace into your life. If you see angel number 33 often, it means that the angels are waiting for you to call them. They want to answer your prayers and help you. You will now see more about the secret meanings of the angel number 33 and its symbolism.

The number 33 is considered a master number in numerology, which means that it resonates at a higher vibration than other numbers.

Unlike most multi-digit numbers, master numbers are not reduced to a single digit when added together, nor are they seen as a mixture of the vibrational energies from which they are made.

Master Number 33 is generally referred to as the Master Teacher number and resonates in a highly spiritual vibration.

Angel number 33 resonates with the highly spiritual and creative vibration of root number three, multiplied exponentially.

Number 3 is the number of creativity, self-expression and manifestation of creative talents. If angel number 3 was expressed as a state of mind, it would be best to think of it as joy and creative exuberance.

When a number is repeated, as the three is in Master Number 33, its vibrational essence is multiplied and its power to resonate throughout your life is greatly enhanced.

When your angels send messages containing angel number 33, expect your power to manifest and create to increase.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

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Number 33 is the number of creativity and spiritual enlightenment. When your angels send messages containing a master number like 33, you can be sure that they are referring to events that have important meaning in your life.

One of the most common ways to find an extremely powerful angel number is in our dreams.

Dreams often contain messages from higher powers in order to provide us with the inspiration and encouragement we need to reach our higher purpose.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and see a time like 1:33 or 3:33 on the digital clock, make an effort to relax your mind and remember your dreams.
Seeing angel number 33 can also be a good omen that you are about to find a master teacher.

The teachings you receive from this Master Teacher will help you realize and attain your higher purpose in life.

The first thing that we have to say is angel number 33 is very powerful and will bring great changes in your life. If you have recently started a project, angel number 33 will bring you luck and you will succeed in making it happen.

We can also say that angel number 33 is related with creativity. Your angels are sending this number because they want to encourage you to use your creative energy and do something important in your life.

Angel number 33 is also related with intelligence and one’s communication skills. When you receive this number, it means you have to express your feelings and opinions. In addition, the number 33 means that it is time to communicate with the Divine. Prayers will be the best way to express your love and gratitude to the Divine.

Angel number 33 also reminds you to live your life with passion and joy. It’s time to pay more attention to all the little things around you that can make you happy. You should be thankful for all you have and the angels will bring you more.

Moreover, the symbolism of angel number 33 is related with spiritual development, so you should be aware of the purpose of your life in this world.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 33

The teachings of the ancient teachers professed love and those who truly follow them are healers and selflessly help others. As already mentioned angel number 33 is the number of the old masters and therefore has the qualities of influence and spiritual dominance that they have. Those affected by this number are generally elevated to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment.

In our life as spiritual beings, we can ask ourselves: what does it mean when 33 continues to rise? In short; much surrounds. Wherever you look, something good is starting to happen. If you look back, many of the good things that are happening right now have been part of your affirmations and desires for a long time. Now the figurative stars line up and the pieces fit together. You feel comfortable with yourself. You attract people with all the right ideas and energies into your social and personal interactions. Any feeling of indecision or weakness turns into insignificance.

From this point of personal awakening, you have a rare opportunity to learn more about your soul contract, your Akashic history, and to answer some of the questions that weigh on your heart. Remember, this is the START of a process; so be patient. Honor your strengths and work on your weaknesses, without fighting for them.

Beings from other realms have entered your energy structure as assistants and guides. Their presence is undeniable – they make you vibrate as if little white sparks of pure energy are dancing in your aura. Even when there is no one around, you feel like you will never be alone; this notion comforts and continues to provide a strong sense of inner peace.

All upcoming changes, sometimes occurring over 33 days or weeks, are for your greater good. You become your most authentic self. Meet the challenge with hope, confidence and faith.

Do you believe in coincidences? There are no such things in life. Every event, symbol or sign has a powerful message for us that we need to decode it to understand what the Universe wants us to know.

They are messages of hope, encouragement, support and guidance from the Divine to accomplish one’s path of life. Is there something bothering you now?

Did you pray for a sign? Angels have responded to you with angel number 33 about a thought, prayer or wish you had recently. They want to make sure your thoughts have been heard and help is on the way.

Here are the possible meanings of the reasons why you keep seeing angel number 33.


One of the possible messages angels send you is about growth.

If you have seen angel number 33 lately it is because the Universe wants you to know what experiences and events will appear in your life that will make you grow as a person, professional, personal or spiritual.

Now is the time to open the eyes of your mind and ponder every decision you have made, good or bad, because they have made you who you are today.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past. Angels want you to see mistakes as great lessons, because you learn the most powerful lessons from them.

Look in the mirror! See and love the strong and wise person you have become and enjoy all the new experiences to come that will make you an even better person.

This is the message the Divine wants you to receive. Be grateful and happy for who you are.

Creativity and imagination

Are you a creator? Do you follow your imagination and let your creativity shape your life and dreams?

Well, maybe it’s time for you to pay more attention to goals and dreams. Angels encourage you to let your imagination shape your life.

Do you remember what you used to dream of as a child? What happened to this dream? For that creative kid who wanted to change the world with his vision and his love of life?

Life is a mixture of beauty, change, love and lessons, good or bad. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence your own. Look in your soul and find this creative child.

Have the courage to follow your dreams and create the life you always dreamed of. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you.

Start living your dream, you are guided and supported every step of the way.

Romantic relationship

It’s amazing to love and to be loved, but when things aren’t going well, or you see that your partner doesn’t deserve it, you absolutely need to change that.

Angels want what is best for you and know its true worth, so they encourage you to analyze your relationship and be with people who can give you the love you deserve.

If you’re in a relationship that only brings you fear, insecurity, anxiety, or pain, you should seriously consider ending this toxic relationship.

You need to be with someone who uplifts you and brings out the best in you. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

See 33 Angel Number is an alert allowing you to re-analyze your situation and find the strength to make a difference for your peace and well-being.

Focus on all that is good in your life and trust that you will find someone who truly respects you and treats you with their true worth.

Love and angelic number 33

When it comes to love and relationships, we can say angel number 33 is very attractive and also very kind. If you have a relationship with someone who is guided by this number, you will have someone who is always ready to listen to you and keep your secrets.

It is also important to say that for angel number 33 family comes first. People under the influence of angel number 33 are family oriented and are great parents as well.

In matters of love, it is also important to know that with the number 33, you have received an enormous love from your guardian angels.

Numerology facts about number 33

The angelic number 33 is a master number in numerology that represents the teacher. It is the sum of two other master numbers: 11 and 22, which embody our dreams and our intuition. When a person is 33 years old in their numerological makeup, it means that they have reached a stage of reflection before speaking or acting, of humanitarian efforts, of maturity and of responsibility.

The teacher is one who is comfortable with the spiritual aspects of everyday life. Note that this perspective does not remove logic and critical thinking from the picture; It is a necessary balance. The number 33 of the teacher archetype is something we see in individuals looking for other people who have an unusual spark, someone ready to catch fire, or those who seem unable to help each other. A teacher is someone whose potential has blossomed and now, wherever life takes them, they share this wonder with others.

When it comes to numerology, exploring some facts about a specific number can help us see that there is no such thing as a coincidence. To begin with, Jesus was crucified in 33 CE.

We’ll explore how this number relates to the Bible in a moment, but we’ll also look at the history of minors. On October 13, 2010, 33 miners were trapped underground after a collapse.

They stayed underground for 33 days, and if we convert the date to a single number: 10 + 13 + 10 = 33. Have your prayers been answered? Did communication help them to be saved?

We can also see an example of how 33 connects to creativity and imagination. Dante’s “Divine Comedy” consisted of three distinct parts, each containing 33 stanzas.

What does the number 33 mean in the Bible?

In the scriptures, the number 33 is related to the idea of ​​divine connection. We have already talked about the prayer messages it conveys, but we can also see an example of the reverse happening in the Bible.

Noah’s name is mentioned many times in the Bible. But the 33rd time, God made a covenant with Noah and promised not to destroy the world with a flood again.

Isaac, Abraham’s promised son, was born when Abraham’s name is mentioned for the 33rd time.

While on earth, Jesus is said to have performed 33 miracles. He also passed away at the age of 33 and, as we mentioned, this year he had 33 CE. All of this points to the idea of ​​33 representing the spiritual bond between mankind and God.

Communication and prayer are vital aspects of this message, but we also see examples of creativity, imagination and the importance of being honest. After all, what is a promise if not a moment of absolute honesty?

keep Seeing the angelic number 33

As we said before, angel number 33 is actually based on the meaning of angel number 3, but its symbolism is increased to higher levels. When you receive angel number 33, you can be sure that you have also received the help and protection of your guardian angels.

When you see angel number 33 the first thing you need to know is that you are a blessed and loved person. Your angels support you and they will answer all your prayers. Whenever you feel weak or undecided, you must call on your angels and they will come to help and support you.

When you see angel number 33 you should know that you have the opportunity to learn something new which can be very important in your life. You need to focus on the message your guardian angels are sending you. You will discover more about your own strengths and weaknesses and also learn how to deal with them.

Angel number 33 is believed to appear when you feel lost and afraid. If you have lost your faith and have a lot of fears in your life, your angels will come to support you and encourage you to move forward. You must never forget that your angels are watching over you, so they are waiting for you to call them. They will come immediately and do anything to help you. You should always keep in mind that you are not alone in this world.

If you see the number more often than before, it means your guardian angels are trying to get your attention. They must say something very important and you must not ignore their message.

Angel number 33 can also be a sign that you should think more positively and eliminate all negativity from your life. You need to fill yourself with positive thoughts and optimism. You will find that very soon you will feel love in your heart. Plus, you’ll attract positive things that will happen soon.

There is no doubt that your angels will bring many changes to you, so angel number 33 can be a sign that these changes are coming. You shouldn’t be afraid of them because their angels do everything for you. The upcoming changes will be good for you, so you don’t have to worry. The most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude and accept these changes wholeheartedly.

What to do when you see angel number 33

Seeing angel number 33 means that you should avoid having negative thoughts and feelings.

When you take action, get depressed, or feel sorry for yourself, you send the message that you are not yourself.

Instead, give yourself positive affirmations every day. Praise yourself every time you do something well done.

Positivity will become your default setting over time. And there will be no room for the negativity that will keep you from reaching your potential.

Let go of the things that pull you down. Remember that you are your top priority and only want the things that will help you grow taller.

Angel number 33 is also an indication that you should be grateful for all the good things that you are about to receive and that you will receive soon. Affirmations are very powerful.

Things are finally coming together for you. You will soon come full circle.

It may seem like a fluke or just a happy coincidence. But that’s how the angel numbers work.

Focus on your thoughts every time you see angel number 33. You probably already have the answers you are looking for.

Seeing this number is a reminder to take control of your life. Your angels are only there to help and guide you, but only you can take the reins.

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