88 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

The angelic number 88 is a very auspicious angelic number with a vibration that bodes well for your financial future.

Indeed, the vibration of the number 88 is associated with material abundance, prosperity and wealth.

By focusing on the conditions and positive outcomes that you would like to bring into your life, you can manifest great wealth and prosperity. The number 88 is a powerful number because it is composed of the energies of the number 8, duplicated and amplified.

Number 8 carries the vibrations and attributes of patience, practicality and reliability, authority and personal power, discernment and common sense, ambition and potential, business acumen, success and manifestation wealth and abundance, self-discipline and responsibility, inner wisdom, justice and Karma – the universal spiritual law of cause and effect.

Angel number 88 is a powerful vibration that speaks of achievements, successes, forward efforts, progress and achievements.

88 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism
88 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 88 is a message that you need to be in control of your finances to make sure that you have laid a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones. This will ensure your future prosperity. You must be responsible for your own income, abundance, and well-being.

The Universe and its angels will always support you, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are doing the right work and effort. You are being asked to live to your full potential.

Angel Number 88 – What Does It Mean?

The number 8 symbolizes patience, reliability, power, authority, practicality, common sense, ambition, business, success, the manifestation of wealth and abundance, responsibility, inner wisdom, discipline and justice.

The angel number 88 signifies an analytical approach to achieve certain business goals. This number signifies efficiency, intuition, analysis, business, balance, efficiency and introspection. It means accumulating wealth and creating abundance.

As you can see the angel number 88 is a very powerful number because it is made up of the number 8 which appears twice. In this case, it is very important to discover the meaning of the number 8 to understand what the number 88 means. Thus, we can say that the number 8 is related to patience, ambitions and success.

Moreover, this number is associated with the inner wisdom that you must use to achieve your goals.

If you see angel number 88, it is a good sign. This number means that you will have a lot of progress and success in the future. You just need to use your intuition and inner wisdom. Keep reading this text to learn more about the secret meaning and symbolism of the number 88.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 88 is a number with a powerful vibration. This number signifies achievement, progress, abundance and success. It is also the number of Karma and the universal spiritual laws of cause and effect.

This number signifies abundance and prosperity in your life. It also reminds you to create a solid financial foundation for the future.

As we said before, if you see angel number 88, it usually symbolizes the great success that you can expect in the future. The most important thing for you in this case is to be responsible and to keep your finances under control. You are a responsible person and don’t spend money on things that aren’t important. You have to think about your family and your own well-being.

If you work hard and are responsible, you can expect great progress in the future. Of course, your angels will be there to support and encourage you. They will help you whenever you have any problems and concerns.

Angels want you to know that you have their support to accomplish your soul’s purpose.

Your guardian angels will help you make the right decisions and choose the best path in your life. Angels are trying to communicate with you using the number 88, so you shouldn’t ignore this number. The angel number 88 has many secret meanings and now is the time to find them out.

If you hear the message that your angels are sending you, you can expect financial abundance in your life. Your angels will reward you for your work. Of course, you have to keep working hard and be responsible.

The angel number 88 is also associated with changes that can occur both in your career and in your emotional life. But don’t be afraid because whatever is to come will be good for you. Your guardian angels are bringing good things into your life, so you don’t have to worry.

The angel number 88 reminds you that it is time to end something in your life and to start something new. New changes are coming, so you should look forward to them with enthusiasm and joy. Now you will see how the angel number 88 relates to love and relationships.

As we just mentioned, angel number 88 can also bring about changes in your emotional life. If you are in a bad relationship, it may be over soon. If you are alone, you will probably find someone very important in your life.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 88

Did you pray for a sign, advice, or help? Are you having difficulties in your personal or professional life?

If you keep seeing the 88 number sequence then you should know that the angels have answered your call and help is on its way.

Look into your soul and find out what you were asking for. Keep reading and meditating on these messages.

Here are the possible meanings as to why you keep seeing angel number 88.


This is a thank you message for everything you deserve.

Seeing angel number 88 is a sign of joy and happiness because the angels say that you deserve all the blessings and goodness that you have in your life. Appreciate!

You are rewarded for listening to your intuition and following your heart. Stay upbeat and positive because you will attract more than what you have now.

Now, as you receive this message from the angels, you are fully aware of the power of your attraction and how the blessings find their way into your experience.

The law of the universe is so simple, and now the angels are telling you. You attract what you feel who you are.

Continue to be grateful and happy for what you have, thank the Divine for all blessings, and stay open to new experiences and opportunities.

Abundance and good fortune

If you continue to see angel angel number 88, prepare for a significant time of abundance and wealth. You will be blessed with abundance and good luck.

This is the perfect time to set goals, write down your dreams and desires. Whatever you decide will be successfully accomplished if you are willing to persevere and do whatever it takes to get there.

The angels say that you are on the right track; you will accomplish all your goals. Keep chasing them no matter what.

The Universe is supporting you all the time. What do you want to know more? You are guided and encouraged to move forward.

Financial success

This number carries the energy of abundance and financial stability. Like number 44, through number 88, you are informed that a bright future awaits you in the finance department.

Well, isn’t that a great message? If you have struggled for a long time with money and debt, rest assured that this period will come to an end.

All the financial problems you have been facing will be resolved and now is the time for you to work on your financial stability.

You will be so blessed that you will remember the times when you were fighting and share your experience with others.


You have missed many things that you need in life that are about to be unlocked. All the wishes you have ever presented to the gods are about to come true.

The message of abundance that angels send using this number is very precise; brings healthy abundance.

You are probably thinking of material wealth, but there are also many other things that you will be blessed with abundantly. Joy and happiness, for example, will start to follow you.

The big question that always arises is how to deal with the abundance that comes your way. Since you will have a lot of them, it is recommended that you start looking for the soul and looking for ways to realize yourself.


If your life has been unstable, then sudden appearance of angel number 88 may be a sign of stability ahead. Things are about to change which will redefine the way you live your life.

Think about simple things, like your relationships. If you have had unstable relationships in the past, no matter how hard you try, the angels are telling you this time that a stable relationship is brewing.

You just need to open up to the right person and enjoy the joy that comes with stability in a relationship. The same applies to your career, where the angels say you will have a rewarding and stable career.


The combination of abundance and stability will lead to a prosperous life.

It is always everyone’s desire to have a prosperous life, but not all of us enjoy the happiness that comes with this blessing. Angel number 88 means that the gods have chosen you and the angels are bringing this message so that you can begin to prepare for your new life.

Love and angel number 88

When it comes to love angel number 88 can have different meanings.

For people who are having difficulty in the relationship, this number that appears in their life may indicate the end of the relationship.

For singles, angel number 88 can indicate a new romantic interest and the start of a relationship.

When it comes to love, the number 88 manifests itself in different ways. Seeing 88 in a complicated, abusive relationship means it’s time to give up and move on to better things. You might be trying to be positive in a relationship that isn’t working, but your Guardian Angel will come to you through this number to let you know it’s time to end the relationship.

For singles, this number signifies the start of romantic relationships that can lead to marriage. The results of all romantic relationships under the influence of 88 are primarily beneficial. Nothing that has the touch of an angel can go wrong if you believe and trust in what is divine. Angels will not allow you to have a loving relationship that will only cause pain. They want the best for you, which is why they influence most of your decisions, including matters of love.

Whether you announce the end or the beginning of a relationship, the result will be beneficial. The end of a relationship will make way for something new and better to come into your life.

Angels guarantee that all will be well in your love life, you just need to be patient. They remind you to open your heart to love.

Numerology Facts About Number 88

The number 88 is the number that follows 87 and precedes 89, but there are also some interesting facts about this number that you may not be familiar with. In mathematics, the number 88 is a hexadecagonal number and also a refactable number.

In addition, the number 88 is the atomic number of the radiochemical element. The planet Mercury needs 88 days to complete its orbit.

It is known that in Chinese culture, the number 88 is considered a series of luck. Moreover, in this language, the number 88 can also be used with the meaning of “bye”. It is generally used in SMS messages and chats.

Number 88 is often cited in songs, such as Rocket 88 which was produced by the band of the same name, 88 Lines About 44 Women, a song by a popular group called The Nails or just song 88 by the group Sum 41 There are also many other songs that contain number 88 in their titles.

We can also cite a popular 2007 thriller movie titled 88 Minutes in which Al Pacino has the lead role. There is also a Canadian thriller called 88.

Another interesting fact is that in the United States Navy the number 88 is used as a slang for “what”. So if you mean “what’s going on” you can only say “88 is in progress”? Etc. Also, you may have heard that there are 88 countries in Ohio, United States.

There are also many other interesting facts about the angel number 88, so you can find them in different areas of our life.

When this number is reduced to a single digit, we get the number 7. Therefore, the symbolism of the number 88 is a mixture of energies and attributes of the numbers 7 and 8.

The number 7 signifies wisdom, analysis, introspection, spirituality and the number 8 signifies efficiency, business and the acquisition of wealth.

As a mixture of these two numbers, angel number 88 in numerology represents efficiency, analytical problem solving, goal achievement, and obtaining intuitive answers from within.

People who agree with this number are likely to create things of lasting value.

If angel number 88 is your destination number, you are probably an intuitive and analytical person. You want to grow your business and accumulate wealth.

Keep Seeing the angelic number 88

Seeing angel number 88 is often a message from your angels. They want you to expect financial abundance and stability in the near future. Your financial problems will soon be resolved.

The angelic number 88 signifies wealth and abundance and it is time for your efforts to be rewarded.

This angelic number is also a sign of new possibilities to improve your financial situation. Finally, you can relax and not always worry about what you spend.

If you are starting to see angel number 88 consider yourself lucky.

Now is the time to reap the rewards of your labor. The angels are asking you to take full advantage of the rewards you have earned and the blessings you are about to receive.

They also remind you to keep an optimistic attitude about the future, to allow abundance to flow into your life.

This period of your life is a period of achieving your dreams and goals. Angel number 88 is informing you that your wishes are about to manifest into reality. Hang in there and keep thinking positively.

The angels want you to stay faithful, even if things don’t look promising at the moment.

When they start showing angel number 88, angels send you a message that your money troubles will be over soon.

What to do when you see the number 88?

Now, when you know the meaning of the angel number 88, it is not difficult for you to understand the message that your angels are sending to you. Now you may be wondering what to do when you see the angel number 88.

First of all, you should know that you can expect a period of good luck and plenty. You just have to follow your heart and your intuition. The angel number 88 reminds you that you have everything you need to achieve your goals. You just need to believe in yourself and your guardian angels. Your angels will give you what you deserve and you will be blessed.

Also, if you keep seeing the angel number 88, it means that you need to start your spiritual journey and achieve your life goals. You shouldn’t be afraid of the changes that will happen in your life because they will be good for you. You must know that your angels are doing everything for you.

As you have seen in this text, our guardian angels try to communicate with us through different numbers. We have told you the secret meanings of the number 88 and explained its symbolism. It is now much easier to know what your angels are trying to tell you through this number. If you keep seeing angel number 88, it means that your angels have a very important message for you, so you should pay more attention to it.


If you continue to see Guardian Angel 88, be excited that new experiences full of rewards will appear in your life. You deserve them. Money problems, financial worries, it will all be over.

You are now entering a new period of abundance, luck and success, be grateful and continue to remain inspired and humble.

You know better which of the possible messages is for you, have faith and act according to what the angels tell you. Open your mind and your heart and let the magical things appear in your experience.

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