What Is Life Purpose?

What is your life purpose? Everyone has one. The question isn’t “if” you have one, but “what” it is. For some people, the answer seems to come easily and naturally. For others, it’s a struggle to identify what their purpose in life really is and then adjust accordingly.

When contemplating this concept, we can get into trouble by imposing our own narrow views of what we think life should be like onto ourselves. We may see other people with jobs that look nice on paper and assume that such positions are the ones they were meant to hold (i.e., if someone works as a nurse or firefighter, for example). But there are many reasons why someone could end up in such a position; maybe they were inspired by someone who worked as a nurse or firefighter and so they sought out such employment. The only way we can be 100% certain of our life purpose is if we’re clairvoyant and see the future – but even then, we could still find ourselves changing our minds throughout life because it’s unpredictable and ever-changing. Only deities and spirits know what the true meaning of existence is and that knowledge isn’t accessible to us mortals for now (or at least I’m not aware of anyone having contacted one to ask them this question).

What Is Life Purpose?

While some people may try to live their lives by making lists based on the “shoulds” (i.e., “I should go to college since I was told to do so and get a job in such and such field, because that’s what I’m ‘supposed’ to do”), we need to recognize that we don’t need to live by the same rules as everyone else. If we let go of our fears and other negative emotions related to societal pressures and expectations, we’ll see that it’s completely fine if your life purpose is drastically different than someone you admire or even despise (i.e., there are no set rules on how to live life). The only exception here would be children who haven’t been given the chance to think freely due to their parents/guardians projecting their notions onto them (and even then it may not really matter).

In short, there is no single possible life path that we all should take. If you find yourself thinking “everyone knows what they’re here to do in life” or “I don’t know what my purpose is; I’m not special”, you need to be aware of the power words hold and how the idea that everyone has a specific purpose is just another social construct meant to coerce us into living by unnecessary rules (which leads me to…).

Sometimes we forget that we’re all actually equals and we would see this if we stopped placing ourselves within different hierarchies (i.e., one’s nationality, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age group, etc.). Every human being on this planet has the same level of worthiness as every other human being simply because they’re a thinking being, just like us. So if you’re struggling with this concept I suggest thinking about it in terms of being human first and then considering any other factors that may be relevant to the situation at hand (race, gender, etc.). By doing so, you’ll see that we don’t need to live by any specific rules and we can past the tests life throws at us by changing our perspective and not obsessing over what we “should” be doing with our lives.

The idea of living by societal demands is related to how many people end up living lives they never planned for (i.e., their jobs ended up taking over their lives). We should instead spend time reflecting on what we want out of life and what we can do to get it (i.e., setting goals that are actually achievable, not ones that are meant to be completed five hours after you make them). Life isn’t about ticking off boxes on an imaginary list; it’s about discovering yourself and living out your potential in a way that feels authentic for you.

But how would one go about finding their life purpose? Well, I won’t claim there’s a single method or strategy involved because everyone’s process is different. The only thing I’m certain of when it comes to this matter is that it involves being honest with yourself when seeking answers. For example, if someone thinks negatively about themselves often, they should focus on addressing the source of these feelings in order to calm their minds and get to the bottom of what they truly want in life.

When you’re able to see things from other perspectives, it becomes easier for you to identify your true self (i.e., your inner voice that may not be too loud yet). So if one wants to live by their own rules, they should start questioning everything around them, including the ideas about life purpose they’ve been fed since birth!

These are only a few of the questions that may occur to you while reflecting on your life’s purpose.

Who am I?

Most of the time we don’t truly know who we are because we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and not considering our own opinions. This is why it’s important to do things that make us happy and interested in what we do (i.e., activities that allow us to express ourselves). If you’ve been following any sort of routine for a long period of time, you should reflect on whether or not this has led you anywhere worthwhile, or if you’ve just been going through the motions.

What are my dreams?

We all have dreams even though some people may continue to convince themselves otherwise over the course of their lives. But think about it: every day millions of people wake up with new goals in mind. Why should anyone be excluded from the category of dreamers?

What makes me unique?

Everyone has a talent or a skill that distinguishes them from their peers, and this is something they should reflect on when looking for life purpose. If you’ve been trying to figure out what your talents are, it’s time to set some time aside and think about the things you enjoy doing! This may be difficult if you’re surrounded by people who put down your dreams, so find a safe space to get in touch with yourself.

Some examples of skills/talents could include: painting, singing, dancing, being good at cooking certain types of foods, etc.

Once you know what your personal strengths are, start thinking about what you could do with them that would benefit your life.

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How can I pursue my dreams?

Some opportunities are very hard to come by, so when you discover something you’re passionate about, it’s important to think about what your next steps should be in order to get closer to achieving your goals. For example, if being a veterinarian is one of your dream occupations, do some research on how much it costs to attend veterinary school and what the application process requires. Then start working towards saving up for this future goal!

Everyone has different talents and life objectives, but no one should have any reasons not to chase after something they want because there are people willing to provide help along the way. It’s important to believe in yourself and your abilities! Take this article as inspiration to start coming up with ideas of how you can improve your life situation.

Where do I belong?

You should start thinking about all the places you’ve lived (i.e., homes, schools, etc.) and how they felt to you in order to get a better idea of where you might be able to succeed. If there were certain people who made your life miserable at any point, perhaps it would be best if you avoided locations that brought back memories of them because negativity can weigh anyone down.

Take time to reflect on how these environments shaped you as an individual before figuring out where home is for you! This may take longer than anticipated since we tend to stay in one place until we’re instantly ready to move somewhere else. However, if this has been the case throughout your life then perhaps it’s worth spending more than just a day or so to determine whether or not the people and places you’ve encountered have influenced your identity in a positive way.

We should take care of ourselves before we can expect others to do the same. Reflecting on who we are will help us get closer to becoming happier and more content with our daily lives, and ultimately allow us to find out what we’re meant to be doing while we’re still alive. So spend some time thinking about these questions and hopefully they’ll yield some interesting results that could change your life for the better!

When do I feel fulfilled?

Everyone has their own schedule, but you should start questioning whether or not your daily activities leave you feeling content with yourself. For example, if you only stay in bed all day long it’s unlikely that this will improve your mood! You might be able to accomplish something while doing so, so go ahead and try thinking of what it could be before you decide on the next best step forward.

If spending money is something that leaves you feeling happy about life than there’s nothing wrong with earning more cash even though finances are stressful for some people just like any other topic. There are many things everyone can do to feel fulfilled without having to break the bank or stress out too much! Once again, time is a valuable resource which tends to fly by without any warnings, so try to figure out how you can take advantage of it beforehand!

It’s important for everyone to be able to find happiness in their daily lives. Everyone has a specific set of skills and personality traits which they can use as instruments to make this happen over time. Some people may need more guidance than others, but the important thing is that you start questioning what brings pleasure into your life and thinking about how these things could improve your existence on a day-to-day basis!

Furthermore, those who experience feelings of worthlessness at some point during their lives should stop and consider if the people they’re surrounded by are happy individuals who appreciate them or whether or not there’s something else going on. In many cases, friends and family members may not be aware of the sadness their loved ones are going through. If this is the case then you should openly discuss what’s bothering you because ignoring it won’t make anything better!


It would be amazing to live a life where we don’t have to work and can still earn enough money for things such as food, shelter, and clothing so that we’re happy. But this isn’t the case for everyone! Most of us have different responsibilities depending on our age group or life situation which means planning ahead becomes essential for those who want to reach their full potential.

If you believe finding your purpose in life is something that’s difficult then you should reconsider what these words mean: “purpose”, “life”, and “easy”. There are many opportunities out there, but not all of them will come into fruition immediately; they need time to grow and establish themselves as useful additions to society before we can comprehend how beneficial certain actions can be when performed repeatedly!

It’s safe to say that everyone has the capability to change themselves for the better if they take enough time out of their days to reconsider who they are, what they do, and how all these things function alongside each other in order to find out where it is that you’re truly meant to stand in this world. No one should give up because there are many ways we can learn about ourselves every single day depending on how active our minds are in trying to figure out what brings us happiness.

Finally, it’s important not to forget about your loved ones when you decide to start sharing yourself with the world because opening up will help them get than ever before. If you think about it the right way then you’ll understand that you’re sharing a part of yourself with them too, so this is something to be cherished and continued throughout life!

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